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If you have any further questions or would like clarification on something, feel free to contact us through

Rules while using WaddleUp!

The below rules apply to any and all use of and all of it's sub-services. By using you agree to the rules and all information provided on this Terms of Service page. If you're under the age of 18 you must seek a parent or guardian to read and agree on your behalf otherwise you're not permitted to continue using our services.

Our Discord community server follows a separate list of rules (different to below) and also abides by Discord's Community Guidelines, by joining the Discord server you agree to read and follow the rules provided in the #rules-info channel and follow the previously mentioned Discord Community Guidelines.

  1. Don't break the rules.
  2. Do not attempt to share personal information.
  3. Be respectful of others - spam, swearing, insulting, attacking, homophobic comments are not allowed!
  4. You must sign in at least once a month in order for your account to be considered "active", we may remove accounts that are considered inactive without warning.
  5. Account sharing/selling is forbidden.
  6. You're only allowed one account per household.
  7. Any form of cheating, hacking or/and site code manipulation is not allowed.
  8. You're not allowed to take content from our website/mediaserver to use on your own non-WaddleUp! fan project (fan project excludes any attempts to blatantly recreate the experience we provide) without permission from the administration team.
  9. Our team may modify/remove your account in any way, shape or form they see fit without warning.
  10. We reserve the right to modify this at any time, it is of responsibility of the user (you) to keep up to date.
  11. Any unlawful activity on our services is forbidden.

Those who break rules (or we suspect of trying to) will be punished how we see appropriate. We review on a case-by-case basis along with severity of violation.

Content Ownership

The majority of material on our website is owned by us, but we use content from other places to increase user enjoyment and interest.

Some material that appears on our website does not belong to us. Some images and flash content are of ownership of The Walt Disney Company and we do not claim ownership of said material, this content is used under fair use and for educational purposes, our project is inspired by The Walt Disney's Club Penguin (the Flash Player incarnation), material used by us isn't used with intention to cause any financial loss.

Also, some images and icons are used with permission (and thanks) of, other images are freely licensed by and some flash content is used with permission from Sandor.

Our users may submit self-made artwork to us and agree to giving us the right to use it, we will attempt to always publicly credit those who do.

Feel free to contact us through if you have any legal concerns or would like to address something.

Advertising & Donations

Our website uses advertisements shown through Google AdSense in order to pay for server costs, new content and development costs.

We may accept donations at times in order to continue funding but we will never require you pay real money in order to access new content or directly purchase our second virtual currency.

Those whom donate may receive a special in-game item, badge or/and the ability to disable advertisements for a limited time as a gift for their generosity.

We always try to the best of our ability to verify the legitimacy of a donor.

Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more regarding how we collect (and use) user information.

Last Updated: 6th September 2018

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