Farewell penguins!

Hey guys,

I'm really not good with words and formatting and I'll probably get a bit emotional throughout this as this is being written raw with minor edits and being posted immediately.

My name is Jamie, I'm the owner of WaddleUp! (previously known as Club Penguin Reborn), you may know me under the alias of Quackles or Ducky (Discord: Quackles#0001).

After speaking with a few friends in the CPPS community, after nearly 2 years of working on WaddleUp! I'm sad to announce that we'll be closing indefinitely affective immediately.

WaddleUp! has been a project I've worked on solo for most of it's existance, my goal with this project was to create something different from the rest and improve my knowledge in the most commonly used programming languages.

Fun fact: I've only ever played Club Penguin a handful of times.

It's crazy to think I only ever came into the scene back when Club Penguin closed, wanting to create something different for ya'll, we didn't do that originally but worked towards it quite quickly.

Not bad for a noob huh?

I've worked on so many cool features that have never been seen before on a Club Penguin Private Server and that's thanks to this community, always believing and giving a chance on my whacky ideas.

WaddleUp! has been a project that has kept me up through countless nights, working 24-7 to improve and create new content for you because of how addicted I get to my work, this has been a hobby since the beginning and I've never gained anything other than experience from it and I have loved it.

I love creating new features, that's my thing, I crave new features and have so much scrapped/mockups for things that now will never be made.

This was not a project based on popularity, money, power nor control but experience, and boy have I gotten exactly that.

For a long time I've not felt exactly mentally stable, not just because of this project but others I've worked on as hobbies and just stuff going on IRL, I've lost passion and care for this and other projects because of it.

I've tried to hide this and kept pushing forward with this, I even worked my ass off on this rebrand because of it, wanting to build something so freaking beautiful that it would make me feel passionate and care for this hobby again, it worked.. for a short time but the passion is truly gone and that's ok.

Sometimes losing passion allows us to move on and push us towards new opportunities in life.

I'm sad writing this right now, it hurts because I've put so much into this not just money but time and effort, so much man you guys don't understand, I've tried my best believe me I have but I can't keep on with this, it's not healthy for me and I've gotten into some issues because of this that only a select few know about.

Just ask any developer or designer I've worked with or ask some of your favourite CPPS owners how much I've put into this and if my intentions have ever been malicious or if I've ever profited from this, I've tried so much on myself to maintain this at the worse of times.

This honestly feels like a piece of me is being killed off, but we all must move on eventually.

It honestly has been an experience guys, I thank you all old, new and current players for everything, it really has been an experience.

I wish the best for all of you I really do, you guys are great even if some of you made me go crazy at times, you guys deserve the world and I hope you all succeed in life.

Please cherish our memories together, they're all that will remain.

By next week I will wipe all player data from backups, local drives and the cloud, there will be no coming back, your safety is and has always been my priority, it will not be shared,sold or transferred elsewhere.

For those still seeking to experience Club Penguin, we recommend you check out our friends over at CP Rewritten and Pengur, they're the most trustworthy Club Penguin experiences you will find.

Interested in a new Club Penguin Island experience? We recommend checking out CPI Continued.

I'd also like to thank the following people for their support over the last years: Dote (valid22), Ben, Arthur, Kevin, AmusingThrone, Legit, Sandor, Jad, Hagrid, Spice, Flippy, josh, Thorn, Jackie, Gravix, box, widd, jonas, thedarkone, Lynx and even the communities of Aureus, Solero and Club Penguin Island and most importantly you dedicated WaddleUp! players.

Thank you and goodnight WaddleUp!